Meet Our Founder

Paula Flory

I am thrilled to introduce myself to all of you. My name is Paula Flory and I am the Founder and Executive Director of Move Over Breast Cancer.  I am so proud to be launching a relevant and revolutionary new breast cancer support program. I have been on a journey!  I was diagnosed with a Stage III breast cancer in 2011. Everyone who has ever heard the words "you have cancer" knows how traumatizing the experience is. The roller coaster ride through diagnosis, treatments, surgeries, not to mention the emotional and psychological twists and turns we face, taught me so much about myself.  With a Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology from New York University and many years of experience helping people figure out how to jump the various hurdles in life I had the professional background I needed to assist women through trauma.  And now I had the context to truly understand what what it meant to face the many complicated challenges that accompany a breast cancer diagnosis. My personal experience with the disease coupled with my professional experience has been the foundation upon which I have grown into a successful breast cancer support program leader and visionary for the future of such programs. Presently, on the heels of my being awarded Breast Cancer Leader of the Year by Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine, I am looking forward to continuing my work as a leader and mentor for women facing cancer and also to providing every survivor we see with extraordinarily empowering and healing experience delivered right to their doorstep. 

Meet Our Intern

Caroline Guirguis

Move Over Breast Cancer is so fortunate to have Caroline Guirguis on our team! A few years ago I had the good fortune of meeting Caroline at our favorite workout class. We connected immediately. When Caroline learned about Move Over Breast Cancer's need for an intern she quickly reached out to us. Caroline has a background in advocacy and public policy and earned her Masters in Public Policy from the Rutgers University Bloustine School of Planning and Public Policy. Her skill set is varied and includes grant management, volunteer recruitment, data collection, and program management. Although Caroline's CV is impressive we are most excited about her understanding and commitment to our mission. Caroline cares deeply for people, she is patient, kind, compassionate, and shares our vision for safe in-person support programs for individuals affected by breast cancer. Caroline is busy supervising remote learning for her two young daughters and has an active household to manage, yet she is fully engaged in helping us move Move Over Breast Cancer forward as we work tirelessly to bring free comprehensive breast cancer support programs and services to women throughout New Jersey.

Meet Our Superstar Volunteers

Kelly Clark Kiefer   

Move Over Breast Cancer is pleased to introduce one of our superstar volunteers!  Kelly Clark Kiefer is a marketing and sales professional with over 20 years experience in the hospitality industry.  Kelly comes to Move Over Breast Cancer with tremendous insight into non-profit fundraising events.  Over the years she has been employed by various hotels such as:  Nassau Inn, Westin Forrestal Village, Lansdowne Resort.   Most recently Kelly worked as a Sales Manager for the Chauncey Hotel and Conference Center in Princeton.  Due to the recent Covid-19  Economy, she has been laid off from the Chauncey, presenting the perfect opportunity to donate her time to Move Over Breast Cancer.

Kelly  is organized, creative, energetic and an all-around great person. I met Kelly several years ago when she was newly diagnosed with a Stage III breast cancer. After our initial meeting I knew that Kelly would be a wonderful role model for other survivors.  She exuded strength, and compassion, and was able to communicate openly, and clearly what her breast cancer experience was like.  When Kelly reached out to Move Over Breast Cancer seeking an opportunity to give back to the breast cancer community I was thrilled.  With Move Over Breast Cancer still in its infancy, having a professional who can jump in with not only the most stellar business skills but with the context within which to comprehend the “WHY” of the organization, I was quick to make her a part of our volunteer team.  As Move Over Breast Cancer begins to roll out our many essential support programs and services Kelly will continue to assist, not only with administrative functions but directly with our survivors as a support mentor. 

Kelly lives in Lawrenceville with her husband Matt.  She stays active by enjoying walking and playing golf with her husband. 

Sheila McDonnel Custer