Meet Our Founder

Paula Flory

My name is Paula Flory, and I am the Founder and Executive Director of Move Over Breast Cancer.  In 2011, I was diagnosed with Stage III locally advanced breast cancer.  Little did I know, this diagnosis would change my life in a very positive way.  With a Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology from New York University, and many years of experience helping people figure out how to jump through the most difficult hurdles in life, I had the professional background needed to create an organization to assist women through cancer trauma. In 2019 I was extremely honored to be voted Breast Cancer Community Leader of the Year by Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine.  Finally, in 2020, my vision for a fully mobile breast cancer support organization became a reality.  Move Over Breast Cancer brings one-of-a-kind care, comfort, and glam to your doorstep!