"So grateful for Paula and her team!."

As someone living through metastatic breast cancer the constant juggle with different drugs and trying to adjust to the side effects are a struggle.

As they say u feel good u look good and when u look good you feel better.

Paula and the Move Over Breast Cancer glamour van was just the pick me upper I needed at one of my lowest times. Chatting with another survivor, exchanging stories, playing with wigs and different looks gave me so much joy and put me at so much ease. So grateful for Paula and her team who do what they do for so many of us!

Sheetal D

"The amount of positivity and support she gives is unmatchable."

“I met Paula at a wig store where she was helping someone with the selection of wigs. Somehow, we got talking and she gave her card to me if I needed any help in the difficult medical situation, I was in. She was like God sent and the ONE support I needed desperately...I have bothered her with constant questions via texts or calls she has always answered and replied to my queries. She has boosted me with energy and hope. She came to my house to offer me a selection of wigs in her beautiful van and very patiently helped me choose one and also cut my hair. The amount of positivity and support she gives is unmatchable. She guided me to choose the right doctors for my further surgeries. She connected me with other women in a similar position, which helped reduce my anxiety and fear. I have so much more to say. I highly recommend her and her organization for all the support they offer. God Bless You Paula”

Nidhi A.

"With each step, I visualized my healing."

"The difference Paula and MOBC have made in my life cannot be expressed in words. She gave me strength when I didn’t think I had any left. Her experiences helped me navigate through the most uncertainty I’ve ever experienced and is a gift I’ll only be able to repay to the women that come behind me... Paula is so inspirational, and what I’ve appreciated the most is the confidence she’s given me to keep putting one foot in front of the other, both figuratively and literally. I started getting outside to walk and, with each step, visualized my healing. Her perspective on the power of positive thinking truly enlightened me and played a vital role in my healing journey as my body faced challenges in recovering from surgeries. Paula has empowered me, and I will always be grateful to MOBC for how they help women like me."

Jill C.

"Her selfless generosity as she donates her time."

"Blessings to Paula for her compassion, support & kindness, as I and so many survivors try to navigate through the breast cancer journey. Her selfless generosity as she donates her time and showers special women with helpful gifts and books is so thoughtful and greatly appreciated.
Thank you!!"

Regina D.

"MOBC gave me back my self-esteem."

"I’m still excited, very happy and at the same time super grateful to all those who made this memorable and magnificent experience possible. MOBC gave me back my self-esteem God keep them and bless them so that they continue to do such an admirable job for the patients and survivors of breast cancer."

Sabrina M.

"She went out of her way to help me get wigs."

"Paula made me feel special and seen at a time when I was still reeling from my breast cancer diagnosis. She was caring and helpful to make sure that I had the head coverings that I needed and wanted. She went out of her way to help me get wigs that I wanted to help make me comfortable after I lost my hair to chemo."

Chris C.

"My heart is overflowing with warmth, love & gratitude."

"I'm thankful for what MOBC has done for me. My heart is overflowing with warmth, love & gratitude. I had the opportunity to feel beautiful and like a goddess with my glam experience. Thank you for coming in my hour of need and giving me so much hope. You make the fight worth fighting Thank you for your help, support, prayers, & encouragement on this journey. Much love!"

Mayra O.

"Your generosity will always be in my heart."

"Thank you so much for being there for me when I needed an ear and for providing me the strength I needed to manage just getting through another day! Your generosity will always be in my heart. I cannot thank you enough for the great "glam experience," which gave me confidence and trust It is very special to have an amazing friend who passed through the same experience with cancer and who knows how to support with love and kindness."

Heba G.

"I have never felt more beautiful, in spite of my cancer diagnosis."

My experience with Paula at Move Over Breast Cancer was nothing short of amazing. I had the privilege of participating in a "Glam Experience" and have never felt more beautiful. In spite of my cancer diagnosis, I felt beautiful inside and out...like a superstar and very special. Thank you!!"

Shanta T.

"Move Over Breast Cancer is a godsend for those fighting."

"When I was diagnosed, my friend put me in touch with Paula. We talked on the phone, and she immediately put my mind at ease by sharing her own personal story and the trials she went through She has an energy that is so positive and upbeat that it radiates to all of those around her. MOBC is a godsend for those fighting."

Susie E.