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How One Breast Cancer Survivor Gives Back by Supporting Women in Treatment | The View

The Move Over Breast Cancer Lounge & Salon pulls up to your home or meets you at an existing medical appointment. You are greeted by a fellow survivor as you climb aboard this beautiful, one-of-a-kind walk-in van. First, you are so taken by your surroundings, you feel as though you were transported into the “I Dream of Jeannie” magic bottle. You forget that you are actually in a van! As the Move Over Breast Cancer experience ensues, you feel comforted, supported, and heard. You are moved by the kindness of the Survivor Mentor who assists you with a personalized plan of care. You are provided with valuable information that helps you navigate the unique challenges that accompany your diagnosis. There are warm and open conversations regarding issues that even your doctors and nurse navigators did not approach; issues pertaining to intimacy, sexuality, and relationships with your children and parents. You know that you are now a part of a community of intelligent and strong survivors and feel hopeful for the first time since your diagnosis. The experience will transform you and help you thrive!