Move Over Breast Cancer

Move Over Breast Cancer brings an empowering experience right to your doorstep. Breast cancer during the time of Covid-19 is extremely anxiety provoking. Why expose yourself to potential danger by going to the hospital or other support center for essential complimentary care when it can be safely brought to you? Virtual groups and events can only do so much. Our one on one and physically distanced programs are safe and necessary for true healing. People need people and MOBC is here to safely make that happen!

Meet Paula Flory
Founder of Move Over Breast Cancer

MOVE OVER BREAST CANCER has been Paula Flory's vision for almost a decade. She is a breast cancer survivor who approaches all that she does with energy and passion.  Since her diagnosis in 2011 Paula has been a leader in the field of breast cancer support, buiding programs in her community and around the world!  Paula is a professional counselor, a personal trainer and certified cancer exercise specialist who understands what is needed to assist women and families who face the trauma of a cancer diagnosis.  Her compassion, creativity, energy and warmth have allowed her provide, for women with cancer, that which a medical team cannot.  MOVE OVER BREAST CANCER and its ground-breaking mode for delivering support services saftely to the survivor without risk of exposure to Covid-19 will bring comfort during a time of chaos.