"Brilliant Flash of Kindness!"

"Meeting Paula Flory for the first time after speaking with her on the phone was like a brilliant flash of kindness in my dark journey through breast cancer. She gave me so much information and so much hope. I think her vision for the mobile program is amazing and I know she will be able to help so many more women"

Ellen L. Hamilton, NJ

"This was Amazing!"

"When I needed to vent Move Over Breast Cancer was there for me. Paula is a survivor which means so much when talking about your own breast cancer. Knowing that she really understood what I was going through made me feel so much better! And when I needed to talk about my specific type of breast reconstruction, she connected me with a woman my age who had the same surgeon and same procedure. This was amazing! I cannot say enough about how wonderful this organization is and how incredibly knowledgeable Paula is. She empowered me and really saved my life!"

PJ Pennington, NJ

"My Family Appreciated the Help!"

"Before my sister Terrie passed away from breast cancer, Paula from Move Over Breast Cancer talked to her a lot. She was only 28 years old when she passed. She told me that Paula was an angel. I think she found peace in her mind after talking with her. My family appreciated the help with finding resources and we learned about hospice which was important. I know that Move Over is special and what Paula Flory did for Terrie is amazing"

Jarrod Trenton, NJ

"I Felt I Had Made a Friend!"

"My neighbor told me about Move Over Breast Cancer which was called at one time Beyond Pink. I called the director Paula Flory when everyone was in quarantine. I felt very alone and isolated. I was so afraid to start chemotherapy. Paula talked me off the ledge. She allayed my fears and I felt I had made a friend, a survivor friend. We talk every week and I no longer feel alone"

Maggie  Freehold, NJ

"Your generosity will always be in my heart."

"Thank you so much for being there for me when I needed an ear and for providing me the strength I needed to manage just getting through another day! Your generosity will always be in my heart. I cannot thank you enough for the great "glam experience" which gave me confidence and trust. It is very special to have an amazing friend who passed through the same experience with cancer and who knows how to support with love and kindness."

Heba East Windsor

"I am newly diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer and got reference to Paula from a friend who is also living with breast cancer. I am so glad that we came in contact with Paula - she is full of energy and is a force to reckon with. She patiently listened to my concerns and helped me and my husband through our anxiety and treatment options. We found a support system in Paula who is knowledgeable, compassionalte and most importantly a friend who is always available to help."

MB East Brunswick



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